Special Olympics Texas

East Region Area 6 Swimming Competition

City of Brenham - Blue Bell Aquatic Center
Saturday, Aug 26

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The A6 Swimming Competition will be held on Saturday, August 26th 2023, at City of Brenham - Blue Bell Aquatic Center (1800 E Tom Green, Brenham, TX 77833)

Day of Coordinator: Mary Buford

Calling all set up pros, check-in aficionada/os, timers, and swim enthusiasts! 

SOTX is looking for a host of volunteers to assist in a variety of roles, to help our athletes shine in a smoothly run competition designed to help them be their best. We need your help to do this!

Not super familiar with how the competition works? That’s OK!  Demonstrations and training will be provided day-of-event, at the start of your shift to ensure a positive volunteer experience for you!  Please arrive 15 minutes early for instructions.

If you have experience in the medical field, would like to become a GMT (Games Management Team), or become a Class A Volunteer, please click here for more information.  

We are looking for volunteers to fill shifts starting at 7:30 am and throughout the day!

Please choose a shift that you would like to assist with.  Shifts are subject to change based on the needs in other areas.

Contact Mary Buford at [email protected] or 832-627-0896 if you have any questions or want to volunteer as a group.  All are welcome!

APPAREL Wear weather-appropriate athletic clothing and comfortable closed toe shoes. You may wear a shirt that represents your organization if you like.

Please bring water to stay hydrated and pack lightly, there is no storage for any personal belongings.

We will send you a text,  if there is a change in schedule or location, due to the weather.

allowed unless they are service pets.

We look forward to having you join us, See you soon!!

Registration is Closed

Registration for this event is closed. Please contact the event organizer for more information.

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As a volunteer member of Special Olympics Texas (SOTX), I agree to: 
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-Place the safety and well-being of the Special Olympics athlete as foremost;
-Interact with the Special Olympics athletes in the appropriate and dignified manner that any athlete or individual deserves;
-Represent SOTX in a professional manner that represents a positive image to the community;
-Accept challenges using a constructive approach;
-Grant SOTX permission to use my likeness, voice, and words in television, radio, and film or in any form to promote the activities of SOTX.
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Please select/check at least jobs or spots.
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Sat Aug 26


Organize medals, stage athletes for presentation
Volunteers will be responsible for organizing the medals and arranging them for presentation as well as staging the athletes (getting everyone positioned accordingly), escorting, and presenting the awards.
Stevie D, Jaleesa P, Manita S, shakala H, Bidhan P, Katie W, Gracie W, Briar K
Elizabeth M, Cameron C, Swetha P, Patrick C, Jaleesa P, Lee B, Efrain R, shakala H

Medical - Class A

Must have BLS certification
Provide medical assistance to individuals as needed. This is a Class A volunteer, BLS certification is required, please send info. to: [email protected]
Kade S
Kade S


Take pictures and videos of the event. Person will be asked to use their own device then send photos after the event. Professional camera preferred but not required.
9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
2 open


Score tabulation
Record and complete the scores for events and prepare for the awards presentation area.
Aviv B, Hayley D
2 open
4 open

Set Up

Assist SOTX Staff with unloading and setting up equipment. Position may require bending, kneeling, and/or lifting objects greater than 10 lbs.
7:00 AM to 9:00 AM
Henry H
4 open


Volunteers will be assisting athletes by guiding them to their positions.
Abigail A, Emma G, Emme N, Paula W, Abby G, Joelle R, Olivia T, victoria t, Blakely S, Halina P, Hayden M, lydia p, Ellis F, Kaylee C, chloe m, Chloe S, Jordan B, Charlotte L, Emma H, Bobbi K, Brooke F, Rachel L, Desirae M, Sarah S, Sarah H, Duru T, Hadley B, Sarah L, Payton P, Joslyn O, Diana S, Mayson R, Emma G, Hannah O, JoAnn A, Martina F, Giulia G, Alice M, Jaleesa P, Keon P
Rebecca V, Leah S, Nicole C, Patrick C, Jaleesa P, Lee B, Bidhan P, Sophia J, Alyssa L, Evan N, Katie B, Olivia P
18 open


Use stopwatch; Operate timer board, record data
Volunteers will be using a stopwatch; Operating the timer board; recording data
Amber A, Emma A, Jessica R, Miranda G, Kaitlyn O, Ernestine A, Ty C
7 open
Amber A, Chris A, Patrick C, Pat G, Cooper G, Ethan B, Avery D, Casey D
6 open

Volunteer Coordinator

Assist Volunteer Manager with various duties
Assist Volunteer Manager with checking in the volunteers for the day, direct individuals to their stations, prepare verification forms for those who need confirmation of hours and provide support to SOTX staff as needed.
Tatiana C, Faith T