Proactively Contacting People

It takes too much time to text, call, or email each person and see if they can help out. WhoCanBeThere does that for you!

  • A school needs a substitute teacher for 4th grade on Friday.
  • A car dealer needs 2 people to pick up a vehicle tomorrow.
  • The soccer league needs a substitute referee this afternoon
  • A church needs 8 people to help on a service project next Saturday
  • A Chamber of Commerce needs 4 ambassadors to host a ribbon cutting
  • Snow is coming tomorrow, lets line up 3 people to help clear it

WhoCanBeThere looks at the date of project/committment, how many people you need, how many overall contacts are in your system and several other factors. Then based on the contact preferences of each of your volunteers or workers we will start sending emails, text or calls on your behalf until we have the job filled! WhoCanBeThere works progressively based on your event and doesn't spam or overload your contacts.

Sample text message soliciting help