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Sample Form To Collect Volunteers Interests Ahead of Time

Sports tournaments typically involve many different games at various locations playing one or more different sports. Each sport may require different volunteer roles. There may be concessions that requires staffing as well. WhoCanBeThere has a unique setup wizard that lets you create a volunteer sign-up site and roster in a minute or two.

  • Creates a single sign-up page for your full-event. Email or text this to your potential volunteers, post on social media, etc.
  • Volunteers are reminded about the roles they signed up for the day before the event
  • Volunteers get a text reminder 30 minutes before their job or shift starts
  • You have a seamless check-in process if you want to track who actually made it
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WhoCanBeThere is a volunteer engagement platform that makes it easy for organization that require a lot of volunteer work to better fulfull their mission.