Putting on a successful music festival requires a lot of helping hands and coordination. It can be an extremely time-consuming, frustrating ordeal if you don't have the right tools. However, if you have great festival management software, you will feel like you have a personal assistant who is handling the work for you and it can guarantee that everything goes smoothly. 

These are the essential features to look for while you are searching for software for your event:

1. Custom sign-up forms 

Good software will create a sign-up form with a shareable link that you can post on your website and social media pages. Your volunteers should also be able to select the tasks and shifts that they want.

2. Simple volunteer check-in

Mobile-friendly check-in is a must so that you can keep track of everyone who actually shows up for their shifts

3. Compensation tracker

Many music festivals give their volunteers free passes after a set number of hours, so you will want a way to record who has hit their hours and earned their compensation

4. Delegation 

You may want the option to delegate portions of your event to sub-groups with their own private sign-up page. This is helpful with security, for example, because not just anyone is eligible to do that task.

5. Text and email reminders

Text reminders help prevent no-shows, but this is far too tedious to do by hand. Ensure that your software will send text reminders automatically to volunteers before their assigned shifts.