Recruiting volunteers can be tricky! Many people want to help, but finding and connecting them with the right opportunities is hard.

The good news is that getting people to sign up can be easier and more successful with LESS work. 

Here are the details of your new volunteer recruitment strategy:

Step 1: Create a form to generate interest and collect contact information

Create a form that collects prospective volunteers' contact info and area of interest. Embed this form on your organization's website, social media, or anywhere that it will be accessible to your audience.

Pro Tip: Keep your form as short as possible. We like to say that it should be as easy to fill out as it is to buy something off of Amazon. Volunteers are deterred when they need to take the time to fill out a lot of information, or if they need to go email someone.

This is a sample interest form created with WhoCanBeThere:


Step 2: Enjoy the benefits of auto-recruiting

Once you have built up a database of prospective volunteers, WhoCanBeThere will automatically recruit help for your open volunteer opportunities. If you are looking for people who will watch kids during an event, WhoCanBeThere will proactively email the people in your database who indicated they are interested in volunteering in childcare. You can put your phone down and relax as your spots get filled for you. 

WhoCanBeThere can connect eager volunteers with the right opportunities so that you can stop worrying about getting all of your spots filled.